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What is the best format for video?

For the best result, upload a video of at least 550×400 pixels.   Do you want to upload a video in your link overview? Keep in mind that this is only possible in the Big Image view. There are no fixed dimensions for this; when you upload a portrait sized video, it will appear in … Continued

Why doesn’t my video play automatically?

This may have to do with the file size of your video. Please note that the maximum upload size is 100MB.   Do you experience this problem when using a mobile device? When in low power mode, videos do not play automatically.

Why can’t I upload my video?

This feature is only available with a business account. It is only possible to place a video in a Big Image view or in the header.   In addition, only mp4 is supported for uploading a video. When you want to upload a video of a different file type, you first need to convert it … Continued

Where can I gain insight in my data traffic?

For this we have made a nice and compact overview. The results can be found in your Statistics. When you have linked Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel to your Linksome account, this data will also be exported to your Google Analytics account.

How can I measure my traffic data?

Linksome offers the possibility to connect your Google Analytics account and/or Facebook Pixel to your Linksome account.   Google Analytics Link your Google Analytics account to Linksome to ensure that all clicks and conversions are measured and reflected in your results. Go to Settings Fill in your Google Analytics account. Click on Change. Don’t have … Continued

Where can I change my Linksome URL?

Go to Settings. Change the URL in Link Settings. Click Save.   Your URL has been updated. TIP: Make sure not to use spaces in your URL. If you want to create space between words, it is best to use a hyphen (-).

Where can I see my invoices?

All your invoices are compiled in your account in Invoices. Here you can see the exact status of your invoice.

How do I change my payment method?

Easy and secure.   Go to My Account. Click on Billing. Click the button Change payment method. Follow the steps and make sure to save your changes.

Can I cancel my Linksome subscription?

We are sad to see you are considering cancelling your subscription! But as promised, there are no strings attached.   Go to My Account. Click on Billing. In Your plan you can easily click on Cancel subscription. Your subscription is now cancelled. Do you want to resume your subscription? Then simply click the Resume subscription … Continued

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription whenever you like.   Go to your Dashboard or to Billing in your Account. Choose the personal or business subscription (whatever suits you best) and follow the steps to complete your changes. Would you like to see a complete overview of our subscriptions? Take a look at our subscription … Continued