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What is link in bio?

wat is een link in bio

Instagram is, after Facebook and YouTube, the most widely used social media channel. So, it’s important to keep a close eye on the trends of Instagram. Have you seen the term ‘link in bio’ on Instagram before? Many companies, web shops, influencers, celebrities, etc. use a link in bio tool. But also, more and more personal accounts begin to use a link in bio. And you have undoubtedly clicked on one once. But what is a link in bio and what do you use it for? We are happy to tell you more about it.

Link in bio, how does it work?

If you have an Instagram account, you probably noticed that you can write a piece of ‘biography’ and insert one website in your profile. When you see “check the link in bio” or #linkinbio in a post caption, this is simply a reference to the website link in someone’s profile.

The disadvantage of Instagram is that you can only put one link in your biography. But what if you have a web shop and you want to guide your followers to multiple product links? This is where a so-called link in bio tool comes in handy. With this tool you can place multiple websites in one feed. The only thing you have to do is to paste the URL of your feed in your biography or profile. This way you have collected all your content with one link.

Why use a link in bio?

Instagram only offers the option for product tagging when you are a brand or company with a verified web shop. But what if you’re a company that provides a service, you’re a blogger or a student with a great portfolio? You can place a link in your post caption, but that isn’t going to get you very far… The link cannot be copied and manually typing the URL will probably cost your followers too much effort.

A #linkinbio can be very useful for that. Here you collect all the links to all the content you want to share with your followers. Make sure you refer to your link in bio in the caption of your posts. No need for a verified web shop to be able to send your followers to the right content!

TIP: It is useful to add ‘see link in bio’ @+ username in your post caption. This way, users can immediately click on your username, go to your profile and find your link in bio.

In addition, of course, the biggest advantage is that you are now able to share much more content with only one link. It gives your organic traffic a boost and improves your conversion rate because of a larger organic reach.

How do I create my link in bio?

Oh yes. Best of all! You can create your own link in bio with Linksome. Linksome offers endless possibilities to personalize your feed and you can easily read your traffic data in the statistics overview.

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