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What influencer marketing can do for you

An influencer is active on social media, often has many followers and can therefore influence a specific target group. Useful, isn’t it? Thanks to this influence and a large outreach, influencer marketing can be a great opportunity for your marketing strategy. But what exactly is influencer marketing and what are its advantages? We’ll tell you more about it in this blog.

What is influencer marketing?

Although influencer marketing is quite new, it has become a popular way of marketing in recent years. In simple terms, an influencer is a person with a large (digital) support or fan base, who uses their role as an example to exert social influence. Because influencers often inspire their followers in a specific sector, you as a brand can respond well to that. Think for example of travel, clothing, interior and so on.

As a brand or company, it can be smart to work together with the right influencer(s). It is important to check if the influencer you want to use also has the same target group as your business, or has the target group you want to reach. Also ask yourself if your target group is easy to influence. In practice, B2C customers are often more influenceable than B2B customers.

The biggest advantages at a glance

But what exactly are the advantages of influencer marketing? First of all, think about reaching your target group. For a good campaign it’s good to make sure that the influencer you want to use closely matches the target group of your brand. You can easily find out which influencers are being followed by your target group. As soon as you know this, you can reach your consumers in a targeted way.

Furthermore, influencers can generate online visibility and brand awareness for a product or service. Thanks to the bond they have built with their followers, they can encourage them to take actions, such as buying a product or responding to behavioral change. This bond they have with their followers comes in handy. Indeed, research shows that 84% of consumers see recommendations from family and friends as influential and trustworthy. Influencers are (thanks to personal and sincere posts) like family to their followers. As a company, it can be very interesting to profit from the tight connection influencers have with their followers.

Finally, influencer marketing is very accessible. Depending on the goal you want to use influencers for and your budget, you can choose for influencers with a larger or smaller support base. This can make a big difference in the price you pay for a collaboration.

So why use influencer marketing?

Collaborating with an influencer can give your business a boost. Whether it’s about brand awareness or selling your product or service. They are specialized in creating unique and creative content, tailored to the needs and behavior of their followers; your target audience. Invest in a good relationship with the influencer you work with, this way you stay on the same page and you can enter into new collaborations in the future when a campaign has worked well. A win-win situation for both parties!

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