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Instagram as part of your marketing strategy

In the past it was proved to be quite difficult to get conversions out of Instagram. A shoppable feed can only be used for verified web shops, you can’t put clickable links in your caption, and you can only place one link in your biography.

Still, Instagram can be a great way to increase your conversions. Did you know that research has shown that as many as 70% of Instagram users use the app to search for a specific brand? What’s important to keep in mind, is to advertise your brand, product or service in a creative way. In this blog we will give you tips on how to do this and how to make Instagram part of your marketing strategy.

First things first: the strategy

It’s no surprise that Instagram offers interesting marketing opportunities. To get the best out of Instagram, a strategy can help you determine how you can use the app for your business. That doesn’t mean you will have to create a complete handbook, but it should serve as a useful guide for yourself and your colleagues.

A number of topics you can work out in your Instagram strategy are:

  • Goals; what do you want to get out of Instagram?
  • Quality; Instagram is image-oriented. So make sure you create good quality photos and videos.
  • Consistency and planning; make a content calendar, so you always have a good overview of what you want to post at what time.

How to achieve your goals?

It’s useful to figure out exactly what you want to achieve by using Instagram. Is it brand awareness? Conversions? Building a bond with your target group? If you know that your target group is active on Instagram and you know what your goal is, you also get a better understanding of what you need to do to reach your goal. You can do this in the following ways.

Influencer marketing

They have become an important part of Instagram: influencers. Make sure you choose the right influencer(s) that fit your product or service, but also fit your target audience. Ask yourself if you have the same target group as the influencer you want to work with.

Social ad marketing

You’ll probably see them pass by often enough; sponsored posts. A great way to warm up your target group for a conversion. The biggest challenge here is to make sure your ad is visually engaging. Instagram users scroll through their feed very fast, so make your ad stands out enough.


Don’t sell but tell your story. Your biography is an important part of the story you tell. Optimize your biography with a clear call-to-action and use relevant emojis. Unfortunately, Instagram limits us to one website link in your biography. Do you want to lead your followers to different product or web pages? Then use a link in bio tool. This allows you to collect multiple links in one sharable overview.

Instagram Stories is also an important part of telling your story. Did you know that one third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses? For example, it works well to forward your profile visitors to your website or web shop.


Instagram can definitely have an added value for your organization, if you work out a (short) strategy fitting your current marketing strategy. Determine your goals, create a content calendar for your timeline and Stories, and don’t forget to keep your biography up to date.

Curious to see how you can use Linksome as your link in bio tool? Check it out here or contact us.

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