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All your content in one personalized feed.
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We are Linksome

The tool that connects your audience with all your content. From one online feed, to your entire online world. From one channel to multichannel. With our tool we give everyone the chance to be awesome.

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Make your profile unique!

You are unique, your content is unique, your profile should be as well. Colors, fonts, photos and videos; enough possibilities to design your feed! 😍


What are you sharing?

Collect as many links as you like. In a few clicks you can add all your content to your personalized Linksome feed. 🤩


Measure your traffic

We love to see the results, right? Besides Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations, Linksome itself also measures your traffic and collects your data in clear statistics. Always have insight what Linksome is bringing you, from every device! 😎

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